Eat Me

Oral Appreciation

I think we all have parts of ourselves that we love and like to draw attention to. For me, my whole life I’ve been complimented on my mouth. Not just my lips, which are full, pink and deliver the kinda bratty pout that makes men fall to their knees, but my whole mouth. I’ve had strangers comment on my smile, friends jealous of the straight, perfectly white sparkle of my teeth, and men who’ve succumbed to complete adoration while sucking on my lips and while tasting my tongue.

The mouth is an extremely sensual place.

It’s responsible for taste and is the home of kissing, licking, biting, and sucking. Of course, our mouths are where we consciously utter words and subconsciously utter sounds of pleasure or pain. It’s also where we take things in… consuming and swallowing whatever yumminess is received. Get your mind out of the gutter… I’m talking about food! What were you imagining? Hehe. Yes, that’s fucking sexy too! 


Food is Sexy

Last week I ran a poll on Twitter about foods that we often consider synonymous with sexiness! The choices were a popsicle which would melt in the summer heat, cotton candy which is so sticky and sweet, an ice cream cone that could make your mouth all covered in sugary toppings as the creaminess drips from your lips, and cherries which are so juicy and pop their flavor right into your mouth. All these foods, in some way, have become sexualized by pop culture or just a sexy girl at a carnival licking away while you admire her from afar. However, even non-sexy foods can be used in sexy ways!

There are foods people use for masturbation or foreplay with partners like cucumbers or grapefruit and foods that just make you look divine when eating them, like strawberries, bananas, or chocolate.  Finally, many foods are given credit for putting your libido into overdrive. For instance oysters, pomegranates, or hot chili peppers are all popular aphrodisiacs to get you in the mood.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

So yes, food is sexy and drawing attention to one’s mouth is even sexier! Now that I told you about my favorite feature of myself, why don’t you give me a call and tell me what your favorite feature of yours is? Or, you can just tell me what sexy, yummy things you want to feed into my mouth.

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