Small Penis Obedience School

Class is in session!

Since getting into phone sex and adult work I’ve always considered myself a switch. In other words, for hot, dominant alpha-type men I’m a total little submissive slut who will worship and drain his balls. However, with tiny dicked, pathetic loser pervs I’m a dominant bratty bitch who takes what I want and leaves them panting and begging for more.

Lately, my submissive clients have really been begging for custom made content to jerk their sad little penises to, and I love it! It leaves so much room for my true bitch FemDom nature to shine! I absolutely adore creating amazing role-plays that will literally get a man on his knees begging for me to own him, and that’s exactly what my latest audio goody bag does!

In “Small Penis Obedience School: Lesson #1” I let small penis losers know exactly where they stand….. or, in this case, sit, with women like me! They don’t deserve to date or fuck hot girls; instead, they deserve nothing more than being caged up little animals with caged up dicks.

This is some seriously intense pet training with more lessons to come. So….

Sit, stay, purchase my latest goody, and be a good, good boy!

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