Can you reclaim me?

I recently had a client request a custom audio mp3 from me. He sent me the link to the already written full script, so I inquired if it was his work or not. To my delight, it was his writing! He’d chosen me, perfect little cocktease RyderDoll to put a voice to the story he’d created.

The story, titled “Reclaimed,” is a first-person POV of a wife (me!) coming home to tell my husband about my experience with another man. He’d wanted me to try being with another man….. just once ….. but as I tell him about my experience, convincing him that now that I’m home he can reclaim me as his own again, I can’t help but want more of what that other man managed to give me that my husband just can’t!

It’s sexy, erotic, tantalizing for your cock, and exactly what every cuckold hubby needs to hear: the truth that you just aren’t man enough to claim your wife as yours, when there are bigger and better men out there who deserve me more.

Check out the audio, “Reclaimed: A Cuckold Story” HERE!

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