March Mistress Madness

I’ve made a name for myself in the “girl-next-door” and “girlfriend experience” niches of the sex industry. However, my talents are not limited to that of projecting a sweet exterior while being a nasty fuck toy behind closed doors. The truth is, when it comes to men who I’m physically and emotionally attracted to, I am a natural submissive when those men are alphas in control. I worship their cocks, I act like a little whore, and they get to shoot a load whenever and wherever they please.

Yet, some of my clients never get to experience what in-control, superior men have the privilege of doing with me. It’s because these other clients are inferior, worthless, weak, loser beta boys. These pathetic cucks have dicks that are even more pathetic then they are, making them at my mercy and hanging on to every single word or action I allow them to experience with me. With weak losers, my approach to “phone sex” is far different than what a call with a REAL man would sound like. Their dicks don’t get worshipped; they get controlled by being edged, denied, and sometimes caged away. If a sub is truly lucky, maybe he can clean me up after my alpha has his way with me. These types of losers are well aware that the only thing keeping me on the phone is their ability to listen to instruction and to keep their account reloaded with enough money to keep my attention. Even then, not all betas make the cut. It takes a special kind of weakness of mind, body, and character to survive me when I’m most wicked.

In honor of the many subs who have proved themselves worthy, I decided to make March dedicated to my budding “Mistress” services.

In the sex industry, it’s common to stick to one or two niches that you do well. However, my naturally submissive and curious little doll persona has, over time, developed into this other more devious and sadistic side that several of my callers have latched on to. Why limit yourself, when you can do so many things so perfectly, right?


So, take out your wallets and get ready for your minds, dicks, and orgasms to be ruined as you explore your submissive side with me this month! We’ll work on jerk off instruction, trigger words, tease and denial, feminization, hypnosis, and test your limits when it comes to financial domination as we delve into a deeper, darker place where your mental and physical madness will be at the mercy of Mistress Ryder.

To my alphas, don’t worry… I’m still here for all your fuck toy needs. Real men will never have to compromise!

To those subs out there, your goal for March is to consistently call my lines and buy all of my goodies dedicated to the art of domination. 

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