About Ryder

Who is Ryder?

Wondering who the girl behind the keyboard and phone is? I’m a 20-year-old, single, college girl from the North East and my interests expand well beyond that of phone sex.

I began working in the adult industry when an ex-boyfriend joked that I would be a good “cam girl,” and we started googling different sexy kinds of jobs. I discovered the concept of phone sex – a place where you can be more anonymous than on cam while still catering to the fetishes of men and exploring your own sexuality.

After applying with several phone sex agencies, I received a phone call from a recruiter who immediately commented on my sexy voice and my adorable giggle. I was hired immediately and ready to learn the ins and outs of the business! I didn’t last long with that particular agency, as there was very little freedom to pick and choose the types of calls and clients I would receive.

Luckily, I discovered NiteFlirt. It’s there that I built my own phone sex business and have, in the under 2-years of being on the site, become one of the highest ranking, highest earning, and most coveted flirts!

In addition to my world of phone sex work and that of being a student, I love movies, television, reading, traveling, being active, and spending time with my kittens, family, and friends!

Don’t be shy. Reach out to me and give me a call so you can get to know me even more. While you’re waiting to do a call, check out my 60-minute “All About Ryder” FAQ audio in my goodies store.




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