Work It Out

Sports Fetishism I’ve always been a physically active girl. My childhood, like most little girls, was filled with classes in skating and gymnastics. My early adolescence was filled with volleyball and soccer games. My high school years were filled with weekly dance lessons in ballet, hip-hop, and tap dancing. Once I left for college, I started exploring running, yoga, and even krav maga. I guess when one’s parents are told they’ve got a hyperactive little brat on their hands, they’ll do whatever it takes to focus that energy toward positive activities and honing one’s talents. I’m sure we can all think of examples…

Valentine’s Day Message + Rob & Slim Show Interview Tonight!

If you’ve yet to join NiteFlirt, today is the perfect day to do so! Just for joining you’ll get 5-free minutes to use in a future call with me AND I’ll send you my FREE Valentine’s Day voice message! No purchases or promises of future purchases are necessary. Win-win!   I’m calling in live on the Rob & Slim Show at 8:00 PM (EST) TONIGHT! You can listen/watch here: To hear my previous radio podcast interviews, go to the podcast page:  

Podcast: “Consensually Speaking”

“Consensually Speaking with Gio” Monday, January 29, 2018 I absolutely love a good, honest chat with a man who knows what’s up when it comes to BDSM and fetish play! Gio is a lifestyle dom, so we had a really easy time relating to one another’s kinks. He did a great job of covering a lot of ground in our first interview together; from how I began in the sex industry, to the dynamics of dominant versus submissive clients, and to how kink plays into my personal life. We get a little serious and take on the recent Aziz Ansari…

February Highlight: Sports Themed Goodies!

Yesterday was the Super Bowl and despite being a New Englander myself and everyone around here being “Team Patriots,” I’ve never been super into American football! I am much more excited about the upcoming Winter Olympics! In honor of all the sportiness taking place this February, here are some of my super sexy audio fantasies that fall into the fitness theme!            

Live Nude Girls

People who never pay the sex workers they get their pleasure from often have difficulty understanding why anyone would spend money on things that are easily found for free on the Internet. I understand this mentality and am guilty of it myself. Once upon a time, I too wondered why anyone pays for porn or hires women to sleep with them when both of those things are available for free. The Internet is inundated with adult entertainment at little to no cost. Everything is out there from free porn video sites, chat messaging with other adults also looking for a…